Friday, July 1, 2011

New edition of Evidence of Influences, version 2.0

A new edition of the Evidence of Influences paper has been posted. There were several reasons for this update. First, I had read two more studies of Confederacy, by Simpson and by Giddings respectively, and I wanted to add them. For Giddings, I had added a section on the picaresque novel. Also, I had earlier shoved some oblique references into a large footnote. I have now pulled the discussions of Spenser, Milton, Melville, and T.S. Eliot into the main text. I have also shortened some of the long-winded discussion of the literature. I have suggested to the reader how to skip what has turned into a catalog of the Toole Papers. Finally, I have had another paper tentatively accepted at a peer-review journal, and in that article, I want to cite the most recent version of Evidence of Influences.