Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More Access to Articles in online Databases

Gale now has "A Refutation of Robert Byrne" in InfoTrac Student Edition. You can even have the computer read the text out loud to you.

Also, the PDF of "Dialectic of American Humanism" from Academic Search Premier is more sophisticated (but larger) than the one from Gale Expanded Academic. With the one from Academic Search, the PDF (7 Meg) has stored the text, so you can search for keywords. You cannot search for text in the Expanded Academic PDF (3 Meg). However, Expanded Academic does have a "Full text in html" version of Dialectic, so with that one also, you can get the computer to read the text out loud to you.

Finally, I am not sure Google Scholar will ever have these two articles cited. Why? If you read their instructions to publishers, the publisher has to have an indexable website of the contents of the journal including abstracts of the articles. Neither journal has a website with abstracts to the articles. So, despite the fact that citations in Web of Science are generally more selective and thereby less numerous than in Google Scholar, Web of Science will have an entry for my Chaucer/Toole paper "Evidence of Influences" before Google Scholar will.