Sunday, December 2, 2012

MLA Bibliography has indexed Refutation of Robert Byrne

I realize that MLA Bibliography might not be the most well-funded operation on Earth. As chronicled here earlier, they skipped over the issue of the journal Notes on Contemporary Literature in which my article "A Refutation of Robert Byrne" appeared. So I contacted them and even scanned the entire issue into a PDF and sent it to them with my own abstract for "Refutation."

Well, MLA has finally indexed the article. Click here for the record in that database if you are on a college campus that has licensed access to MLA Bibliography through the library vendor EBSCO. That record will not, however, provide you with direct access to the full text of the article, but if your campus has a link resolver, you may be able to link out from the MLA Bibliography record to the actual text in another database. However, MLA did not use the abstract that I provided and they have not yet indexed the issue of Renascence which contains my article "Dialectic of American Humanism." Click here for my abstract for "Refutation," and click here for my abstract of "Dialectic."